A Beginner's Guide to Essential Fishing Gear

A Beginner's Guide to Essential Fishing Gear

Having the right gear can go a long way when it comes to fishing, but it is important to note that one of the most important things that every angler needs to have is a healthy dose of persistence in them. Fishing is an activity that requires patience and dedication, and while the right set of tools is essential for success, the right mindset is also just as important. Mentioned below are some of the most basic outdoor fishing gear supplies that all anglers should get before they go on a fishing trip.

Rod and Reel

Needless to say, one of the most important things you need when you decide to go fishing is a decent rod and reel. Unless you are planning to go old school and hunt for fish with spikes, you are going to need a fishing rod and reel to be able to fish.


Swivels are an essential part of any fishing gear and something that makes a worthy addition to any gear set. These swivels essentially prevent your line from twisting and can also be used for tying advanced rigs such as the Carolina rig or even the three-way rig. You can find different types of swivels on the market; some even come with a snap on the end for ease of use. Beginner anglers can take advantage of the snap to easily change baits.


For beginner anglers, there are only three types of tackle that are absolutely essential: hooks, weights, and floats. These three basics can be used for a lot of different scenarios and should serve new anglers very well. Weights especially can be very useful, if not necessary, for long distance casting and in order to keep your baits underwater. When it comes to hooks, most beginners should purchase ones that are not snelled. Floats are also an angler’s best friend, as they keep the bait at the bottom of the lake and serve as clear indicators for when the fish are eating the bait.


There are a lot of types of bait that an angler might need on their fishing trip, from live bait and hard bait to soft plastics and jigs. Each type can be used to lure different types of fish and in different water conditions. A good set of baits is absolutely essential for all those people looking to get into fishing.

Tackle Box

One of the most important essentials that a first-time angler should have is a tackle box with a lot of compartments to store your gear and keep it organised. This box needs to be big enough to carry all of your tackle while still being portable enough to be carried around on your trip.

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